We're going to bite a kneecap off

Where should I order from today?

Goldbelly currently: Consumers order select item or item kits from regional restaurants via Goldbelly. Items may only be available in bulk. Regional restaurants ship orders directly to consumers nationwide. Consumers may have to pay for expedited shipping and may have to cook their orders.

I don't see how Goldbelly grows with this business model.

Idea: Goldbelly ghost kitchens.

Regional restaurants ship select item or item kits to Goldbelly-run ghost kitchens nationwide. Consumers order from their local Goldbelly. Vetted chefs cook to order.

Controlled micro-franchising.

I live in California. I want to try Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh. Instead of paying $89 for a four-sandwich kit, I can order just one, ready-to-eat sandwich for $15 — a 50% mark-up, but easier to swallow than $89.

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