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Premieres Saturday, February 20

(from Netflix's web site) During a visit to his motherland, a Korean-Italian mafia lawyer gives an unrivaled conglomerate a taste of its own medicine with a side of justice.

Wikipedia » Vincenzo (TV series) » Synopsis »

At the age of eight, Park Joo-hyung went to Italy after being adopted. He is now an adult, and has the name of Vincenzo Cassano. He is a lawyer who works for the mafia as a consigliere.

Due to a war between mafia groups, he returns to South Korea, where he becomes involved with lawyer Hong Cha-young. She is the type of attorney who will do anything to win a case. Vincenzo falls in love with her.

He also achieves social justice by his own way.

Korean mafia consigliere simp/SJW?

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