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The Nipple Whisperer
Maurice Sanders has a gift. He's a nipple whisperer.

A high-powered female CEO meets her high-rise window-washer for an erotic rendezvous on opposite sides of a skyscraper window.

Ten Leaves Dilated
A documentary that uses the make-believe world crafted by Cabbage Patch Kids to examine discourses surrounding childbirth in the American South.

Trade Center
The voices of five gay men who cruised for sex at the World Trade Center in the 1980s and 1990s haunt the sanitized, commerce-driven landscape that is the newly rebuilt Freedom Tower campus.

My Fat Arse and I
An amusing film about anorexia and butts.

Nuevo Rico
A brother and sister stumble upon a celestial secret that propels them into Reggaetón stardom.

Rendang of Death
In a quaint restaurant, two bros put their friendship to the test when it turns out that there's only a single plate of their favorite food left: the Rendang of Death.

A reclusive college student is driven mad after picking a booger he can't flick away.

A Puff Before Dying
A wild night of drugs and drugged up driving ends in tragedy for three teenage girls that happen to be marionettes.

A team of altruistic vigilantes destroy evidence to keep as many people from prison as possible.

Run That Shit!
A Satanic cult lures a no-name rapper into stealing an enchanted chamber pot from his estranged friend and now superstar rapper, Big Tobacco.

A musical about a taxidermist who dreams of stuffing a human and the man she meets online, so afraid of aging he volunteers to be her specimen.

O Black Hole!
A woman who can't stand the passing of time turns herself into a black hole.

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