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Previously on Adam Riff™:

Who needs April Fools' Day jokes when Discovery+ exists?

I found 16 Alaska-related shows on Discovery+.

Alaska Vet.
Alaska Women Looking for Love.
Buying Alaska.
Alaska Haunting.
Alaska Proof [distillery].

Paramount+ should commission Drag Race: Alaska.

Guy Fieri keeps trying to make his uncharismatic son Hunter happen, and Food Network is too cowardly to stop him.

Thinking about how Guy didn't want to travel to SoCal to shoot Guy's Grocery Games, so Food Network built a market in Santa Rosa, CA, where he lives.

Guy should ask Food Network to revive Hannibal.

Premieres Friday, April 2

The five-part series analyzes and presents new compelling information on the 1993 murder of James Jordan. The crime shocked the nation, creating a media frenzy and countless speculations and conspiracy theories.

We've reached the "Michael Jordan's dad" part of the true crime wave.

ESPN+ should commission a true sports-related crime docu-series à la Dark Side of the Ring.

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