The tables are my corn

Previously on Adam Riff™:

Cablp (pronounced Ca-blip) — short for Criss Angel's breakfast, lunch, and pizza — opens in July with fast-casual fare and more.

Where's the "C"?

Oh, that's Criss Angel's logo.

Criss Angel's Ablp.

Late to the party on the Foodie Magician, a professional magician who likes to eat out and entertain fellow diners while doing so.

"I've got a table from Prada over there," the chef said.

After a few more bites Mr. Beckerman jumped to his feet and stood next to Kevyn Jennings, a smartly dressed personal shopper for Prada; Eric Chelman, an art dealer from the Franklin Bowles Gallery in SoHo; and two friends of theirs from Switzerland.

"Happy Fashion Week, people!" Mr. Beckerman exclaimed. "I'm the foodie magician!" [source]


His signature trick is the one in which he seems to pluck the name of a favorite New York restaurant from a person's brain.

"Is it Ray's Pizza?"

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