We lay in the foundations of decay

Wim Wenders has signed on to direct a film about public toilets in Tokyo, Japan.

The fictional film will be set in a public restroom that is part of the real-life urban renewal project known as the "The Tokyo Toilet project," which involves the creation of 17 public bathrooms in key locations in the Japanese capital with designs by world renowned Japanese architects.

Wenders said he was inspired by the futuristic look and unique cultural spirit of the project and decided to set his forthcoming untitled film inside one of them.

"A toilet is a place where everybody is the same, there's no rich and poor, no old and young, everybody's part of humanity," Wenders said in a statement. [source]

Read Wim Wenders' statement in Werner Herzog's voice.

I feel still hungry just looking at it.

Foie gras pasta at Acquerello
A stack of perfectly al dente rigatoni swaddled in the smoothest foie gras-and-butter sauce you could ever imagine — amped up by the addition of thinly shaved black truffles.

Remember when excess body fat was a sign of wealth? Now, only the rich can afford seven rigatoni.

PASTACOLYPSE is a survivalist horror comedy. A billionaire celebrity chef seeks revenge on all mankind when a global ban on gluten destroys his life. In the process, Alfredo Manicotti is disfigured into a hideous creature, half-man, half-macaroni, and leads a pasta uprising that threatens all of humanity.

But gluten-free pasta exists???

Action-comedy MILLENNIAL HUNTER revolves around a flawed hero with a thirst for righteous revenge against his enemies: Millennials.

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