They even broke into my safe!

When the yet-to-be-titled Daryl spin-off was first announced in September 2020, the original's showrunner Angela Kang teased that it would see Daryl and Melissa McBride's Carol Peletier go on a "zombie apocalypse road trip." McBride later dropped out of the project due to the location-hopping required during filming.

What a flex by Norman Reedus.

You want to stay in business with me? Move production from Georgia to France, where my fiancé Diane Kruger likes to live.

Oh, Melissa McBride doesn't want to move to France? Re-work the show without her.

While some Walking Dead fans have been left confused by the news that Daryl will be journeying overseas, it's worth remembering that the Civil Republic Military, who were a big part of World Beyond, still operate the odd helicopter and aircraft. So it's likely everyone's favorite survivor hijacks one of those when the main show concludes.

Each episode of the Rick and Michonne limited series will be set in a different place where Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira want to vacation.

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