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October 2005
A long time ago, while perusing IMDb, I stumbled upon a film called 5-25-77, the release date for Star Wars classic. The film's website offered little information, but the production company granted my request for a copy of the script. This is Almost Fanboy, I thought.

February 2007
Films about Star Wars that I want to see:
5-25-77 [May 25, 2007]

June 2008
5-25-77 prepped for a Toronto debut

July 2013
[browsing Fantasia film festival selections] Oh! 5-25-77. Is it another work-in-progress screening? I don't see anything… Whoa. After NINE some years in production, it appears a final cut exists.

May 2017
5-25-77 had its official premiere at the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan, Illinois.

September 2022
The final cut of 5-25-77 debuted at the Skyline Indie Film Fest in Winchester, Virginia before debuting on 100 screens on September 23 and becoming available on DVD and Blu-Ray on November 8, 2022.

Fool me five times…

2004 to 2022 is two years longer than the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace.

Duke Nukem Forever was realized in less time.

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  1. PATRICK READ JOHNSON 16 Jan 23 at 12:09

    Hey, Adam!

    Send me a good FedEx address and I'll send you the BluRay!

    Best wishes,
    Patrick Read Johnson


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