Super Kick Party

Many passengers are skipping the seatback screens for their phones and laptops. Experts say that's not the way of the future, as in-flight Wi-Fi can't support hundreds of personal devices at once.



"We're heading toward a world where the seatback screen in front of you is fully connected to the internet, where the airlines and studios push content to you as an individual passenger, and where all of the systems are designed to tie in to loyalty programs and studio subscriber platforms."

"If the airline knows that you're a Paramount+ subscriber and they have a special deal going with HBO Max, you might get an HBO Max-heavy set of content. The airline knows a lot about you that they can use to work with the studios to make money. And, from your perspective, you interpret it as targeted content that's more enjoyable."

The future of air travel is seatback screens that know which streaming services you subscribe to, but still only feature games like blackjack and trivia.

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