Unsuspecting tyrant double-decker beef fort

feature film special: FANTASY FOOTBALL (PARAMOUNT+)
Premieres Friday, November 25

Everything changes when Callie A. Coleman discovers she can magically control her father Bobby's performance on the football field.

When Callie plays as her dad, a running back for the Atlanta Falcons, in Madden NFL 23, Bobby is transformed from a fumblitis-plagued journeyman to a star running back bound for superstardom.

With the NFL Playoffs looming and the pressures of Callie's new commitment to her friends on the robotics team mounting, the two must forge ahead to keep the magic a secret.

The Falcons are up 28-3 in the Super Bowl when Callie is called away by the robotics team.

Alas, it's a Paramount/CBS film, so no Cleatus integration.

Premieres Wednesday, November 23

More Lakers-related 2022 programming?!

Premieres Monday, November 21

These are the stories of the kind of danger that no college student is ever prepared for: a life cut short just when it was getting started, not by accident but by foul play.

Each procedural episode of Death in the Dorms will examine a different murder of a college student in the U.S.


Tonight: When a shower drain overflows with semen…

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