I'm fascinated by Yo! Egg's "world's first plant-based poached egg."

Like, how do you cook it? I assume it's sold fully formed. Do you still poach it? Is the yolk solid until heated? If not, can it solidify when heated? What is the market for poached eggs?

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The Sunny One
The world's first plant-based fried egg

Okay, the sunny egg is a substance that fries like egg white topped with a liquid yolk pod, so the poached egg must be the same yolk pod encased.

And the poached egg casing must be a different egg white substance, because otherwise, Yo! Egg could just sell artificial raw eggs.

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The Boiled One
Unlike anything you've seen before

I imagine this is the poached egg casing with a yolk truffle inside.

Idea: Plant-based dog meat.

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