A bronze statue of your 8th grade teacher

1. Lol at Air's epilogue noting that Phil Knight has donated $2 billion to charity.

2. Lol at Universal attaching a trailer for Book Club: The Next Chapter to The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

3. Cringe at Barbie's "beach you off" dialogue. And before The Super Mario Bros. Movie?

Who do you think wrote the "beach off" scene: Greta Gerwig or Noah Baumbach?

4. Lol at Illumination spending over half of Migration's teaser trailer flexing its shitty filmography.

Or: Lol at a multi-billion-dollar animation studio worrying about brand awareness.

5. Lol every time at this Dolby Cinema at AMC pre-roll:

Dolby Vision looks the same! "Yes, the projector is still on" – we can tell!

The only time Dolby Vision has impressed me is when I saw a film at the Dolby Cinema in Dolby's headquarters. Fuckin' Vantablack shit.

Is PRIME at AMC just OEM Dolby Cinema?

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