Jonathan Yu's Money, Cash & Hoes Game

red = album covers correctly identified by game winner (and only player) Greg Jenkins

The Beatles • Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Sigur Ros • Agaetis Byrjun
Weezer • Weezer
Jane's Addiction • Nothing's Shocking
Buddy Holly • The Chirping Crickets
Travis • The Man Who
Depeche Mode • Catching Up With Depeche Mode
Ol' Dirty Bastard • Nigga Please
John Oswald • Plunderphonics
R.E.M. • New Adventures In Hi-Fi
Serial Joe • Serial Joe…
Was (Not Was) • Born To Laugh At Tornadoes
Our Lady Peace • Clumsy
Deee-lite • World Clique
Donovan • Gift From A Flower To A Garden
Johnny Nash • I Can See Clearly Now
onelinedrawing • Sketchy EP
Plastilina Mosh • Aquamosh
Autechre • Amber
Billy Joel • Piano Man
Guttermouth • Musical Monkey
Negativland • Dispepsi
Blue Oyster Cult • Agents Of Fortune
Eric B. And Rakim • Follow The Leader
Staind • Dysfunction
Britney Spears • …Baby One More Time
Scapegoat Wax • Okeeblow
Miles Davis • Bluing: Miles Davis Plays The Blues
Primus • Antipop
Beta Band • Three EPs
LaToya Jackson • Bad Girl
Apples In Stereo • Discovery Of A World Inside The Moone
Black Crowes • Amorica
Clash • Give 'Em Enough Rope
Five • Five
Prince Paul • A Prince Among Thieves
Sebadoh • Bakesale
Ted Nugent • Cat Scratch Fever
Thomas Dolby • The Golden Age Of Wireless
Aphex Twin • Windowlicker
Leonard Cohen • Songs From A Room
Jack Johnson • Jack Johnson
Television • Marquee Moon
Joe Pesci • Vincent LaGuardia Gambini Sings Just For You
Soft Cell • Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing
Dub Pistols • Point Blank
Lita Ford • Lita Ford
Mike Watt • Contemplating The Engine Room
Failure • Magnified
James • Millionaires
Mr. Big • Lean Into It
Unsane • Amrep Xmas
Soul Coughing • Irresistible Bliss
Oingo Boingo • Only A Lad
Mogwai • Young Team
Harvey Danger • Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone?
Bob Dylan • Self-Portrait
3rd Bass • The Cactus Revisited
Mr. Oizo • Analog Worms Attack
Molotov • Donde Jugaran Las Ninas
Cream • Disraeli Gears
Audra McDonald • How Glory Goes
Guster • Parachute
Blackstreet • Another Level
Heart • Dreamboat Annie
Jimmy Eat World • Static Prevails
New Kids On The Block • Hangin' Tough
Marvelous 3 • Ready Sex Go
Paul Oakenfold • Tranceport
2 Live Crew • As Nasty As They Want To Be
A.F.I. • Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes
Blur • Blur
Kid Koala • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Lil' Wayne • Tha Block Is Hot
Lil' Zane • Young World: The Future
Robert Goulet • Greatest Hits
Shuggie Otis • Inspiration Information
Sweet Water • Superfriends
Warrant • Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich
Sunny Day Real Estate • Diary
Drowning Pool • Sinner
Beatles • The Beatles (White Album)
Dennis Miller • Off-White Album
Diamond Head • White Album
Jeff White • White Album
Lewis Black • White Album
Tammy Patrick • White Album
Vapors • Vaporized
Metallica • Metallica (Black Album)
Skankin' Pickle • Green Album
U2 • One
Spacehog • Chinese Album
Black Box Recorder • The Facts Of Life
Allen Ginsberg • Howl And Other Poems
Lord Tariq And Peter Gunz • Make It Reign
Atom And His Package • Making Love
Money Mark • Push The Button
Rick Springfield • Working Class Dog
Pitchshifter •
Rolling Stones • Sticky Fingers

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