Jonathan Yu's Record Collection

action figure party • action figure party
adam sandler • they're all gonna laugh at you!
adam sandler • what the hell happened to me?
afi • the art of drowning
afi • sing the sorrow
…and you will know us by the trail of dead • source tags & codes
apex theory • topsy-turvy
apollo four forty • gettin' high on your own supply
aquabats • the fury of the aquabats!
aquabats • myths, legends, and other adventures: volume 2
at the drive-in • relationship of command
ataris • blue skies, broken hearts…next 12 exits
ataris • end is forever
ataris • so long, astoria
avalanches • since i left you

backstreet boys • millennium
badly drawn boy • the hour of bewilderbeast
barenaked ladies • maroon
barenaked ladies • stunt
basement jaxx • rooty
beach boys • pet sounds
beastie boys • body movin' (single)
beastie boys • check your head
beastie boys • hello nasty
beastie boys • ill communication
beastie boys • license to ill
beastie boys • paul's boutique
beastie boys • root down (ep)
beastie boys • the sounds of science (2-cd)
beatles • anthology 2 (2-cd)
beatnuts • take it or squeeze it
beck • mellow gold
beck • midnite vultures
beck • odelay
beck • sea change
ben folds • ben folds live
ben folds • rockin' the suburbs
ben folds five • the unauthorized biography of reinhold messner
ben harper • the will to live
ben kweller • sha sha
big bad voodoo daddy • big bad voodoo daddy
billy joel • the essential billy joel (2-cd)
black lab • your body above me
blink-182 • cheshire cat
blink-182 • dude ranch
blink-182 • enema of the state
blink-182 • the mark, tom, and travis show
blink-182 • take off your pants and jacket
bloodhound gang • hooray for boobies
bloodhound gang • one fierce beer coaster
bloodhound gang • use your fingers
blues traveler • four
blur • the best of blur (2-cd)
blur • blur
blur • the great escape
blur • think tank
bob dylan • the essential bob dylan (2-cd)
bob dylan • highway 61 revisited
bob dylan • love and theft
bob dylan • mtv unplugged
bob dylan • time out of mind
bowling for soup • let's do it for johnny!
boxcar racer • boxcar racer
boy sets fire • after the eulogy
brandnew • your favorite weapon
brian jonestown massacre • strung out in heaven
brian setzer orchestra • the dirty boogie
britney spears • oops!…i did it again
bt • movement in still life
buck-o-nine • twenty-eight teeth
buena vista social club • buena vista social club
built to spill • ancient melodies of the future
built to spill • keep it like a secret
bullfrog • bullfrog
bush • razorblade suitcase
bush • sixteen stone

cake • comfort eagle
cake • fashion nugget
cake • prolonging the magic
chemical brothers • come with us
cherry poppin' daddies • zoot suit riot
chris rock • bigger & blacker
clutch • the elephant riders
counting crows • recovering the satellites
counting crows • this desert life
curlupanddie • unfortunately we're not robots
cursive • the ugly organ
crystal method • tweekend

d12 • devils night
daft punk • homework
dandy warhols • thirteen tales from urban bohemia
dave matthews band • before these crowded streets
dave matthews band • busted stuff
dave matthews band • crash
dave matthews band • everyday
david cross • shut up, you fucking baby
de la soul • art official intelligence: mosaic thump
death by stereo • day of the death
deathray • deathray
deftones • white pony
deltron 3030 • deltron 3030
denis leary • lock 'n load
depeche mode • exciter
depeche mode • the singles 86-98 (2-cd)
depeche mode • ultra
depeche mode • violator
desaparecidos • read music/speak spanish
devin the dude • just tryin' ta live
dilated peoples • expansion team
dismemberment plan • change
dj qbert • wave twisters – episode 7 million: sonic wars within the protons
dj shadow • preemptive strike
dr. dre • the chronic
dr. dre • the chronic 2001
drowning pool • sinner
dub pistols • six million ways to live
duran duran • rio

eels • beautiful freak
eminem • the eminem show
eminem • the marshall mathers lp
eminem • the slim shady lp
pete tong, fatboy slim and paul oakenfold • essential millennium (3-cd)
evan and jaron • evan and jaron
everclear • so much for the afterglow

fastball • all the pain money can buy
fatboy slim • better living through chemistry
fatboy slim • you've come a long way, baby
faultline • your love means everything
fenix tx • fenix tx
fenix tx • lechuza
finch • what it is to burn
face to face • how to ruin everything
fiona apple • tidal
fiona apple • when the pawn…
flaming lips • yoshima battles the pink robots
foo fighters • the colour and the shape
foo fighters • foo fighters
foo fighters • there is nothing left to lose
fretblanket • home truths from abroad
from autumn to ashes • too bad you're beautiful
fugazi • the argument

garbage • garbage
garbage • version 2.0
get up kids • on a wire
get up kids • something to write home about
god lives underwater • life in the so-called space age
goldfinger • stomping ground
gomez • liquid skin
good charlotte • good charlotte
gorillaz • gorillaz
grandaddy • the sophtware slump
green day • dookie
green day • insomniac
green day • international superhits!
green day • nimrod
green day • warning
guided by voices • mah earwhig!
guster • gold fly
guster • lost and gone forever

h2o • go
handsome boy modeling school • so…how's your girl?
harvey danger • where have all the merrymakers gone?
hives • veni vidi vicious
hootie and the blowfish • cracked rear view
hootie and the blowfish • fairweather johnson
hot water music • a flight and a crash

idlewild • 100 broken windows
incubus • make yourself
incubus • morning view
interpol • turn on the bright lights

jackson 5 • the ultimate collection
jamiroquai • travelling without moving
jane's addiction • nothing's shocking
jimmy eat world • bleed american
jimmy eat world • clarity
joe strummer and the mescaleros • rock art and the x-ray style
jon spencer blues explosion • plastic fang
juliana theory • emotion is dead
jupiter sunrise • jupiter sunrise
jurassic 5 • quality control

kid koala • carpal tunnel syndrome
kid rock • devil without a cause
kills • keep on your mean side
kinky • kinky
kool keith • black elvis/lost in space
kottonmouth kings • royal highness

lauryn hill • the miseducation of lauryn hill
leonard cohen • songs of leonard cohen
less than jake • hello rockview
less than jake • losing streak
lfo • lfo
limp bizkit • chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavored water
limp bizkit • significant other
limp bizkit • three dollar bill, y'all$
linkin park • hybrid theory
linkin park • meteora
lit • a place in the sun
little t and one track mike • fome is dape
lo-fidelity allstars • how to operate with a blown mind
local h • pack up the cats
lostprophets • the fake sound of progress
lovage • music to make love to your old lady by

macy gray • on how life is
marilyn manson • antichrist superstar
marilyn manson • mechanical animals
mark knopfler • sailing to philadelphia
mars volta • de-loused in the comatorium
massive attack • mezzanine
mc paul barman • it's very stimulating (ep)
mc paul barman • paulellujah!
michael jackson • history (2-cd)
michelle branch • the spirit room
mighty mighty bosstones • let's face it
mike watt • contemplating the engine room
mixmaster mike • spin psycle
moby • play
modest mouse • this is a long drive for someone with nothing to think about
mogwai • rock action
mooney suzuki • electric sweat
mos def • black on both sides
moth • provisions, fiction and gear
movielife • the movielife…has a gambling problem (ep)
movielife • 40 hour train back to penn
murs • the end of the beginning
muse • showbiz

nappy roots • watermelon, chicken & gritz
nelly • nellyville
nerf herder • american cheese
new end original • thriller
new found glory • new found glory
new order • the best of new order
new radicals • maybe you've been brainwashed too
nine inch nails • the fragile (2-cd)
98 mute • 98 mute
no doubt • return of saturn
no doubt • tragic kingdom
no use for a name • more betterness!
*nsync • celebrity
*nsync • no strings attached

oasis • (what's the story) morning glory?
offspring • americana
offspring • conspiracy of one
offspring • ixnay on the hombre
offspring • smash
onelinedrawing • visitor
onionnot for broadcast
opm • menace to sobriety
our lady peace • clumsy
our lady peace • gravity
our lady peace • happiness…is not a fish you can catch
our lady peace • spiritual machines
outkast • aquemini
outkast • stankonia
ozma • rock and roll part three
ozomatli • ozomatli

papa roach • infest
paul simon • negotiations and love songs
pavement • brighten the corners
pavement • slanted and enchanted: luxe and deluxe (2-cd)
pavement • terror twilight
pax 217 • twoseventeen
pete tong, fatboy slim, paul oakenfold • essential millennium
phantom planet • the guest
popsky • user friendly
portishead • dummy
portishead • portishead
powerman 5000 • tonight the stars revolt!
presidents of the united states of america • II
presidents of the united states of america • the presidents of the united states of america
primus • pork soda
primus • sailing the seas of cheese
primus • tales from the punchbowl
prodigy • the fat of the land
propagandhi • today's empires, tomorrow's ashes
propellerheads • decksanddrumsandrockandroll

quarashi • jinx
queens of the stone age • rated r

radiohead • amnesiac
radiohead • the bends
radiohead • hail to the thief
radiohead • i might be wrong: live recordings
radiohead • kid a
radiohead • ok computer
radiohead • pablo honey
rage against the machine • the battle of los angeles
rage against the machine • evil empire
red hot chili peppers • by the way
red hot chili peppers • californication
reel big fish • cheer up
reel big fish • turn the radio off
reel big fish • why do they rock so hard?
r.e.m. • new adventures in hi-fi
r.e.m. • reveal
remy zero • the golden hum
riddlin' kids • hurry up and wait
rjd2 • deadringer
robbie williams • the ego has landed
rolling stones • forty licks (2-cd)
roots • things fall apart
ryan adams • gold

santana • supernatural
sarah mclachlan • surfacing
saves the day • stay what you are
scapegoat wax • okeeblow
sense field • tonight and forever
serial joe • face down
shootyz groove • high definition
sigur ros • agaetis byrjun
simple plan • no pads, no helmets…just balls
smash mouth • astro lounge
smashing pumpkins • the aeroplane flies high (5-cd)
smashing pumpkins • mellon collie and the infinite sadness (2-cd)
smashing pumpkins • siamese dream
smiths • best… 1
smiths • best… 2
something corporate • audioboxer (ep)
something corporate • leaving through the window
sondre lerche • faces down
soul coughing • el oso
soul coughing • irresistible bliss
soul coughing • lust in phaze: the best of soul coughing
soul coughing • ruby vroom
soundgarden • down on the upside
soundgarden • superunknown
soundtrack • 2ge+her
soundtrack • 12 monkeys
soundtrack • 200 cigarettes
soundtrack • aladdin
soundtrack • ace ventura: when nature calls
soundtrack • animaniacs
soundtrack • austin powers: the spy who shagged me
soundtrack • batman & robin
soundtrack • beavis and butthead do america
soundtrack • being john malkovich
soundtrack • the brady bunch movie
soundtrack • bulworth
soundtrack • the cable guy
soundtrack • can't hardly wait
soundtrack • charlie's angels
soundtrack • city of angels
soundtrack • clueless
soundtrack • the commitments
soundtrack • dead man walking
soundtrack • dumb and dumber
soundtrack • forrest gump (2-cd)
soundtrack • four rooms
soundtrack • get shorty
soundtrack • gladiator
soundtrack • go
soundtrack • grosse pointe blank
soundtrack • high fidelity
soundtrack • the hunchback of notre dame
soundtrack • kids
soundtrack • kids in the hall: brain candy
soundtrack • a knight's tale
soundtrack • koyaanisqatsi: life out of balance
soundtrack • a life less ordinary
soundtrack • the lion king
soundtrack • lost highway
soundtrack • lost in space
soundtrack • magnolia
soundtrack • man on the moon
soundtrack • the mask
soundtrack • mission: impossible
soundtrack • moulin rouge
soundtrack • o brother, where art thou?
soundtrack • office space
soundtrack • orange county
soundtrack • pocahontas
soundtrack • pokemon: 2.b.a. master
soundtrack • private parts
soundtrack • pulp fiction
soundtrack • punch-drunk love
soundtrack • the rock
soundtrack • the royal tenenbaums
soundtrack • rushmore
soundtrack • the saint
soundtrack • schindler's list
soundtrack • se7en
soundtrack • the sopranos
soundtrack • south park: bigger, longer & uncut
soundtrack • speed
soundtrack • spider-man
soundtrack • star wars: a new hope (2-cd)
soundtrack • that thing you do!
soundtrack • there's something about mary
soundtrack • titanic
soundtrack • tomorrow never dies
soundtrack • toy story
soundtrack • toy story 2
space monkeys • the daddy of them all
spinal tap • break like the wind
sr-71 • now you see inside
staind • break the cycle
staind • dysfunction
stephen malkmus • stephen malkmus
stereophonics • just enough education to perform
stone temple pilots • tiny music…from the vatican gift shop
streets • original pirate material
stroke 9 • nasty little thoughts
strokes • is this it?
sublime • sublime
sum 41 • all killer no filler
sum 41 • half hour of power
system of a down • toxicity

taking back sunday • tell all your friends
taproot • gift
ted leo and the pharmacists • hearts of oak
tenacious d • tenacious d
they might be giants • mink car
third eye blind • blue
third eye blind • third eye blind
three amigos • louie louie (single)
311 • 311
thrice • the illusion of safety
thursday • full collapse
tom waits • blood money
tom waits • mule variations
travis • the invisible band
travis • the man who
trust company • the lonely position of neutral
2 skinnee j's • supermercado

u2 • all that you can't leave behind
unwritten law • unwritten law

various artists • the best of the kroq almost acoustic christmas
various artists • cash money records platinum hits: volume 1
various artists • classic disney: volume 1
various artists • classic disney: volume 2
various artists • dr. strangelove…music from the films of stanley kubrick
various artists • kevin & bean: the real slim santa
various artists • kevin & bean's fo' shizzle st. nizzle
various artists • kevin & bean's last christmas
various artists • kevin & bean present swallow my eggnog
various artists • live from 6a: great musical performances from late night with conan o'brien
various artists • loud rocks
various artists • mr. hankey's christmas classics
various artists • monsters of rap
various artists • mtv: the first 1000 years – new wave
various artists • mtv: the first 1000 years – rock
various artists • mtv2 handpicked
various artists • mtv's amp
various artists • punk goes pop
various artists • pure funk
various artists • rarewerks
various artists • schoolhouse rock! rocks
various artists • songs in the key of x
various artists • star lounge
various artists • welcome to the family
vex red • start with a strong and persistent desire
vines • highly evolved

wallflowers • (breach)
weezer • the green album
weezer • hash pipe (single)
weezer • maladroit
weezer • pinkerton
weezer • weezer
"weird al" yankovic • alapalooza
"weird al" yankovic • bad hair day
"weird al" yankovic • off the deep end
"weird al" yankovic • poodle hat
"weird al" yankovic • running with scissors
wheatus • wheatus
whiskeytown • pneumonia
wilco • yankee foxtrot hotel
wu-tang clan • the w

yo la tengo • i can hear the heart beating as one

zebrahead • playmate of the year

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