Yearbook Anonymous

And I thought I got away with a lot as "editor-in-chief" of my high school yearbook.

Akiba Hebrew Academy, California
Scandal: Seven graduating students were blamed for a malicious prank regarding their yearbook as a sign of their boredom with the school. A bogus yearbook showed an image of the male reproductive organ when folded in the middle.

Anacostia High School, Washington DC
Scandal: Yearbook staffers wanted to run a [senior award] category called "Gayest" – an award that would go to the most effeminate male senior.

Battle Mountain High School, Nevada
Scandal: A photographic feature on pregnant students, provoking criticism from a local teenage pregnancy prevention group that says it makes light of a serious issue. The two-page feature, jokingly titled "Don't Drink The Water," includes photos of seven such girls and passages on what it is like to be in school while pregnant. The yearbook's editor, Amie Oppelt, said the intent of the feature was to reflect student life at the high school.

Blandensburg High School, Washington DC
Scandal: Yearbook adviser Elias Vlanton had to rush to the printer to pull the "Cutest Couple" photo because the girl in it suddenly realized she didn't want her mother to know she was dating anyone.

Bronxville High School, New York
Scandal: Photo of football players simulating a sexual act, with the caption "One Time, At Football Camp…"

Central Regional High School, New Jersey
Scandal: Two pages depicting the piercings and tattoos of students.

Greenwich High School, Connecticut
Scandal: Five white male seniors were suspended for allegedly slipping coded messages of racial hatred into their school yearbook captions. The yearbook message is spread across several pages. At the end of the caption beneath Keith Dianis' picture is the word "kill." Patrick Fox ends his with "ALL." Ed Oberbeck lists "ni." Robert Texiere uses "gg." And Aaron Valenti closes with "ERS." Read the captions in order and the vile message is clear: Kill ALL niggERS. No one noticed the offensive phrase until one of the seniors bragged to friends about getting it published. The boys, all athletes, called the incident a misunderstanding.

Fiorello H. La Guardia High School, New York
Scandal: An outcry from parents over a high school senior's use of a yearbook quotation from Hitler's memoir Mein Kampf. Nicole Scuderi chose the following: "The very first essential for success is a perpetually constant and regular employment of violence – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf."

Porter-Gaud School, South Carolina
Scandal: A female senior's hobby was changed to something ribald.

Roane County High School, Tennessee
Scandal: Affectionate poses on the "PDA page"; photos of condoms and an unmade bed under the title "Sex Happens."


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