Do You Think I've Gone Too Far?

I am pissed off at the gay community. Why did they have to make the rainbow one of their symbols? Now, every time it stops raining, I can't help but think about anal sex, not that there's anything inherently wrong with anal sex. I like thinking about anal sex, just not every fuckin' day. I mean, why couldn't homosexuals have chosen a symbol that I don't have to look at on a regular basis…like my mother's vagina? Here's to the new symbol of the gay community: my mother's cunt!

Well, seeing as how I'm already going to hell for the latter paragraph, I might as well take some time to address the college-bound high school seniors of the class of 2001:


Thank you.

Who says white guys can't dance? Getcha groove on here and here.

Oh, man. This is so sad.

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