I saw the David Sánchez sextet and the Arturo Sandoval band play at Royce Hall last night. It was the best jazz show I've ever seen, and in my life, I've seen two jazz shows. Not only does Mr. Sandoval play the trumpet, flugal horn, piano, and percussion, he also sings, scats, and dabbles in comedy. I mean, this guy is as talented as I am. If you live in the Bay Area, catch Sandoval and his buddies at Yoshi's when they play six consecutive nights starting Tuesday April 24. Hey, that's tomorrow.

And now, let's play…
Did Jesus Say That, or Billy Joel?
"Don't forget your second wind."
"Only the good die young."
"Drink it, all of you, for this is my blood."
"Blessed are the meek."
"Judge not, and you will not be judged."
"It's still rock 'n' roll to me."
"I am the light of the world."
"I am the Entertainer."
"I came to cast fire upon the earth."
"We didn't start the fire."
"Begone – Satan!"
"Even you cannot avoid – Pressure!"
"Who touched me? Someone touched me."
"It's all about soul."
Answers next time.

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Who should win the bra and panties match? (out of 84 votes)
Mariam Al-Shamma • 81 votes • 96%
Chris Colburn • 3 votes • 4%
People must really hate Chris Colburn. Either that, or they really want to see him wearing a bra and panties. Perverts.

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