Let's Make Fun of Stupid People

LOS ANGELES – It's got plenty of the right ingredients – lawsuits, money, and rock 'n' roll. That's right. Napster the movie may be coming to a screen near you!

"I can confirm we're in development on a project called Napster," said Marc McCarthy, a spokesman for Starz Encore, a provider of movie programming for cable television operators that is a unit of Liberty Media Group.

Officials at Redwood City, California-based Napster declined to comment on the possibility of a movie or whether they have spoken with Scott Fields, the Los Angeles-based screenwriter who has been traveling across the country interviewing people for the script under development for Starz Encore.

Industry sources said Fields has met with people who have associated with the company and friends of Shawn Fanning, the Northeastern University dropout who at 18 wrote the source code for the music file-sharing program as a way for his friends to share their favorite songs online.

It's a regular rags-to-riches story that may even have a happy ending and 70 million Napster fans who may be willing to watch it.

LOS ANGELES – Preview audiences who've watched Steven Spielberg's new movie, A.I., are having some problems with the film's title.

The initials A.I. stand for "artificial intelligence," but exit polls suggest many people think the title of the movie is "A-1" – just like the steak sauce.

New York gossip reporter Baird Jones claims the name confusion is so serious that studio executives are considering putting the words "artificial intelligence" in parenthesis after the title – a prospect that Spielberg is furious over.

A.I. stars Haley Joel Osment and Jude Law and is scheduled for release June 29.

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