Public Displays of Affectation

God bless Andy Paul.

I bought tickets to the KROQ Inland Invasion in August where I shall see Weezer live for the third time this year. Now, all I need to do is figure out how I'm gonna get to the Inland Empire (Riverside, to be exact) and I'll be set.

On a sidenote, Weezer's music video for "Island In The Sun," in which the band plays at a Mexican wedding in East Los Angeles, debuts Tuesday on TRL.

In the news:

TORONTO – A teenager crashed into six cars and injured one person when she tried to park at the end of her driving test, Toronto police said on Thursday.

The driving instructor, who had been about to give the girl her driver's license, changed his mind after the accident, which happened on Wednesday in a suburb north of Toronto.

"They came back to the parking lot of the testing center and when they went to park the car, the car went out of control and it struck the vehicles and a pedestrian," said a police official.

After it hit the first four cars, the teen's vehicle spun around and hit two more vehicles.

A woman who was standing between two of the cars was taken to hospital with leg injuries.

An examiner who witnessed the crash said the teenager panicked while trying to park the car and hit the gas pedal instead of the brake.

The teen was hospitalized for minor leg injuries.

The driving instructor was treated for shock.

"He's back working today," the police spokesman said.

[insert your own joke here]

I finally made an wishlist. Just so you know, my website celebrates its first anniversary on September 10 and my 19th birthday is October 6, so feel free to buy me gifts (nudge nudge wink wink) and support capitalism in the process of doing so.

In case you forgot, Asshole Day is coming and we need names of assholes. I know at least 10 people read this website and I refuse to believe that not one of them knows any assholes. Gimme some assholes, dammit!

All right, let's wrap this up. I have a paper to write, The Merchant Of Venice to read sparknote, and luggage to pack. Whoo! No sleep in Westwood = no promo, but go ahead and visit The Rock, Laetitia Casta, and Wanker County again. You know you want to.

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