Bouillabaisse Boyee

"You jacked off to Apocalypse Now?"

"Well, I was at a loss for porn."

"But……Apocalypse Now?"

"Hey, the movie has Playboy bunnies in it."

"True, but the Playboy bunnies are there FOR DRAMATIC EFFECT, not so you can get in touch with your own jizz! Oh man…"

I love my roommate.

One week of summer school left. I have now been in school for a whole year. Add the 2001-2002 school year and come next June, I will have been in school for 21 consecutive months. I would take a long vacation if only I knew how to have fun.

Everybody I know went home for the summer to have fun. I, on the other hand, stayed in Los Angeles to continue my education and because of summer school, I've had very little human interaction in the past three months. If you discount my superficial banter with co-workers, tour groups, and roommates, I basically just spent a fourth of the year as a pathetic loner. Now, anti-social behavior is not something foreign to me, but the large number of strangers I have befriended this summer on AIM is a testament to the void of physical people in my life. Oh well. Such is the sacrifice one must make for GE requirements.

I saw The Musketeer. It was laughably bad. The dialogue makes an episode of Blue's Clues seem ingenious in comparison. Plus, the hyped fight choreography was lost amidst director Peter Hyams' overuse of close-up shots. The ladder match at the end of the movie was cool though. I like ladders.

Why is it that whenever Hollywood makes a movie set in Europe, the actors handle accents by either employing a ridiculous variation of a British accent or simply not bothering with an accent at all? Isn't it an actor's job to be convincing in any role, hence the title "actor"? I don't wanna pay $9 to see a pre-taped high school drama production.

Bob Dylan's new record Love And Theft received five stars in Rolling Stone, an honor usually reserved for dead people's records. Five stars! A perfect score! Then again, lame-O Rob Sheffield reviewed it. This is the same guy who gave Blink-182's Take Off Your Pants And Jacket four stars. In general though, the buzz surrounding Love And Theft is very positive, enough to make me wanna buy the record this Tuesday and attend his concert at the Staples Center in October. Whoo!

As a WWF Raw Is War commentator, Paul Heyman bests most stand-up comedians in the one-liner category:

"They (wrestler Christian's parents) had nine months, and the best name they could come up with was Christian? That would be like my Mom and Dad calling me 'Jew'!"

"Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean that the whole world is not against you."

"All these Canadians on the show tonight. I hate foreigners!"

UC Berkeley's marching band repertoire this year features Weezer music. Yes, Weezer. I don't know what to think when the saviors of rock and roll become instrumental fodder. I have a love-hate relationship with that school.

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