Twenty-Seven Teeth

Good news! The Summer Entertainment Awards are back! This year, they are brought to you with a little help from my friends. Thanks to the Associated Press, Colin, cowloot, Dan, Entertainment Weekly,, Rolling Stone, and especially Spin magazine for letting me steal, knowingly and unknowingly.

Oh, there's one more source I need to thank and it also happens to be the final key element of my special event post in the works.

What happens when a twentysomething Cuban-Armenian guy and his buddies get together on the internet? You get Punogre, probably the best E/N website I've ever seen. Ogre, the San Francisco-based brainchild behind PO, has assembled quite the cast of supporting characters to keep visitors entertained on a regular basis. There's Puno, the UC Davis half of Punogre who never posts, Hangook, Ogre's Korean friend from his hometown of Glendale, NocturneL, a wild and crazy black guy from Fresno, and a bunch of other people including, strangely enough, Matt and Jord from WankerCounty. With so many contributors on board, Punogre is just a neverending smorgasbord of fun. There's always something for everybody. Comedy, news, opinions, personal anecdotes, drunken hedonism, sex – you name it, Punogre's got it. Now, I understand that a caustic testosterone-fueled mix of intelligentsia and puerility might not interest you, but if nothing else, visit the site for its features on "shit that rules" and "shit that sucks." I know one Summer Entertainment Awards writer who did. Hehehe. SO, the red pill awaits. Bow down bitch, 'cause Punogre owns your ass and is the final key element of a special event post in the works.

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