Numan Gives Me Funny Looks

I'm so bored at home. Everybody's in school already. UCLA just has to be fashionably late. [sigh] In fact, I was so bored yesterday that I watched Raw Is War twice, first the east coast live feed on DirecTV and then the west coast delay at Greg's house. Added up, that's four hours of wrestling. Good show though.

Television-wise, living on the west coast sucks. Barely anything ever airs in real time, and the television networks love to rub it in the viewers' faces by noting that shows were "recorded earlier." I hate having to wait three hours to find out the answer to who shot Mr. Burns and other of life's greatest questions. The only benefits of west coast television are the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards, both of which are broadcast live everywhere, so I can watch in them in their entirety here in California at a reasonable hour.

You know who has it best? People who live in the central time zone. They get to watch the east coast feed…an hour early! Yes yes. I'm jealous.

After last night's episode, David Letterman will go down in history as a late night god, second only to Johnny Carson. It was classy, smart, and funny, with poignant moments from a typically hard ass Letterman and his guests, Dan Rather and Regis Philbin. Simply amazing television. To see Rather break down in tears TWICE… Wow.

Dude, I'm so bored that I don't know what else to write. Hmmm. Let's talk about computers. I seriously don't know how my family can exist with the technology we have at home. If you discount the satellite television, our house is stuck in 1985. I have to use two computers to update my website. It's truly the bollocks. The one computer that can 56K access the internet is my dad's laptop which has a slow-as-fuck processor and uses Windows 95 and Netscape 4.6. Shoot me. Who uses Netscape anymore? It's all about the Internet Explorer 5+, and all you anti-establishdementos know it. Alas, only my brother's computer has IE 5+ for me to work with. It's a frustrating game of back and forth I play. Oh well. I can deal for a week. I want to say that "I do it for the fans," but I don't have any fans.

Killer boredom and no friends, er, fans. This is the life.

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