Shiny Adidas Tracksuits

"Yeah well, I sing like an amputee though."


"'Cause…can't hold a note, can't carry a tune."

Why do opening acts suck? I understand that main attractions don't want opening acts to overshadow them, but why bother with opening acts if they're gonna suck? At the Sigur Rós show, this San Diego band The Album Leaf opened. Imagine if Philip Glass scored a romantic comedy movie. [groan]

Sigur Rós, on the other hand, blew away the audience of mostly twenty-something emotional tampons. Nobody can bow a guitar or sing falsetto quite like band frontman Jon Thor Birgisson. The nearly two-hour set juggled mellow and tempo music only to climax with an incredible blistering parting shot far better than anything "hard rock" today.

I can't remember the last time I actually sat down at a concert. I usually find myself standing amidst a swarm of (adolescent) emotional tampons who reek of smoke. Hey, it beats ravers.

Most annoying mouthbreather:
(out of 69 votes)

Adam Carolla of Loveline and The Man Show • 10 votes • 14%
Jay-Z • 25 votes • 36%
Kiefer Sutherland • 1 vote • 1%
Mike of Real World X • 7 votes • 10%
Sway of MTV News • 0 votes • 0%
Tara Reid • 26 votes • 38%

What did Carson see in her?

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