Short and Hard Like a Body-Building Elf

This one goes out to TheBorishOne at Telcobox. Mr. BorishOne, you're my hero. I wish I could be like you. Yes, I wish I could be a loser who has to use a pseudonym when talkin' shit, a badly-spelled pseudonym at that. I think you left out an extra "O" after the "B." Stupid ass.

I guess you can't expect much from a guy who lives in Florida. Must be the anthrax. It's goin' to his head…like HIS MOM'S TELCOBOX! The gall of him. How dare he make fun of me in a post on his lousy excuse for a website! How dare he lead me on with IMs! I don't deserve to be harassed by some WASP fuckhead who only wants me to suck his Telco-dick! Hey BorishOne, don't you get enough action from your girl Janet Reno? That Parkinson's Disease is really somethin', huh? Shit… I don't understand why he even visited my site in the first place. I mean, didn't he see the sign?

We have a saying out here in California: "Dude, there are like hella Mexican people." What does that have to do with you? Absolutely nothing. Just load and load, BorishOne, 'cause America's favorite eunuch wonderboy (re: you) is goin' down.

Survivor diet Friday is here – another 24-hour cycle in which I will eat only what our survivors ate on last night's episode. What's on the menu for today? Fresh-blood-and-milk shots. Mmm…mmm…gook. Break out the razor blades!

Speaking of blading, the UCLA people have finally added TNN to the dorm cable television line-up. TNN = more wrestling for Jon to watch. Whoo!

Linky cheese, man:
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