Birth of a Fuckstick (Part II)

Partly cloudy, 82% chance of rain…

Aaron: Get out of the van! Out!
Driver: Jesus Christ, man. Don't shoot me!
Aaron: Step away! Turn around. Put your hands on your head! What are you doing here?
Driver: I'm just delivering a package, man. I got this package for this guy War…Warplayer.
Aaron: Get it…slowly.
Driver: This guy paid me 500 bucks to bring it out here, man. He said he wanted it here at exactly 7:00.
Aaron: Put it down. Face the van. Hands up. Turn around. OK. Go. Off you go. Go! [driver runs away] We got a box. I don't know. [pause] I'm going to open it. [slowly opens box]
Jon Yu: [to Warplayer] When I said I admired you…I meant what I said.
Aaron: There's blood.
Jon Yu: You've made quite a life for yourself, Warplayer. You should be very proud.
Warplayer: Shut the fuck up, you piece of shit.
Aaron: Dah! [long pause] Warplayer! Move your hands away from your keyboard! Jon Yu has the upper hand.
Warplayer: What?
Jon Yu: I wish I could have lived like you did.
Warplayer: Shut up. [to Aaron] What the fuck you talking about?
Jon Yu: Did you hear me, Warplayer? I was trying to tell you how much I admire you…and your pretty girlfriend.
Warplayer: [turns to Jon] What?
Jon Yu: Rachel.
Warplayer: What you fuckin' say?
Jon Yu: It's disturbing how easily a "member of the press"…can purchase information from the men on your website.
Aaron: Move your hands away from your keyboard. Move your hands away from your keyboard!
Jon Yu: I visited your neighborhood this morning after you'd left. I tried to play boyfriend. I tried to taste the life of a simple man.
Aaron: Move your hands away!
Jon Yu: It didn't work out…so I took a souvenir…her pretty head.
Aaron: Warplayer!
Warplayer: [to Aaron] What the fuck's he talking about?
Aaron: Give me your keyboard.
Warplayer: What's going on?
Aaron: Leave your keyboard alone.
Warplayer: Show me the box. WHAT WAS IN THE BOX?
Jon Yu: Because I envy your normal life…
Aaron: Leave your keyboard alone, Warplayer.
Jon Yu: …It seems that envy is my sin.
Warplayer: Oh, what's in the box?
Aaron: I'm not telling until you give me your keyboard.
Jon Yu: …He just told you.
Warplayer: You lie! You're a fucking liar! Shut up!
Aaron: That's what he wants. He wants you to flame him.
Warplayer: NO! No! [to Aaron] You tell me…you tell me that it's not true. That's not true.
Jon Yu: Become vengeance, Warplayer.
Warplayer: Nah. She's all right. You tell me.
Jon Yu: Become…wrath.
Aaron: If you flame him, Warplayer…
Warplayer: NO!!!
Jon Yu: She begged for her life, Warplayer.
Warplayer: Shut up!
Jon Yu: She begged for her life and for the life of the baby inside of her.
Aaron: [smacks Jon] Shut up!
[tears well up in Warplayer's eyes]
Jon Yu: Oh… [smirks] He didn't know…
[warplayer cries]
Aaron: Give me your keyboard, Warplayer. Warplayer, if you flame him…he will win.
Warplayer: Oh, God! OH, GOD! OH!!! [proceeds to flame Jon Yu on Telcobox]

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