It's Levitation, Holmes

yea so i was bored and for anyone who knows who they are, i was talking to this guy i know in a band called gwar:

rory hornblower: are you going to see spy game?
gwar: maybe
rory hornblower: im going to see it at seven three oh tonight with my friend elizabeth.
gwar: sweet deal
(thats not his real aim name you stalkers)
yea thats it, he probably is too busy being famous to see spy game.

it is now AFTER the movie and it wasn't bad. The director of Enemy of the State basically made a companion piece to Enemy of the State. Spy Game features an old and young star pairing like Enemy of the State, a plot involving spies like Enemy of the State, and camera work and music stolen straight out of Enemy of the State, but the movie is definitely not Enemy of the State. Oh no. By no means is Spy Game, well, kinetic enough to fully absorb our ritalin-dependent generation. I've seen worse though. Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet, anybody?

I never liked Brad Pitt, but my friend did and she said and i quote "blah blah blah blah", in fact she says that a lot to me. I haven't posted anything worthwhile lately cause i am sick, and have been for the past week. If i was a martial arts guru I would want to be Master Bation. Bye.

the turd twister

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