Pure Drivel

Gorillaz' collaboration with D-12 is now available online through the Gorillaz website. The track, inspired by the events of September 11th in the U.S., also features former Specials frontman Terry Hall. The song was recorded after the D-12 crew were stranded in the U.K. only two days after the tragic events, and also describes the day's actual events as well as their aftermath. Here's a taste of the lyrics: "Put the knife away, missiles always strike and blaze/So much smoke you can't tell the difference between night and day."

Bill Cosby has finished co-writing the script for the Fat Albert movie, based on the 1970s cartoon show he created. Forest Whitaker will direct the movie, which will be part animation and part live action. It's scheduled for release in summer 2003.

Fred Durst is one of eight hidden characters waiting to be "unlocked" in SmackDown! Just Bring It, the third installment of the popular wrestling video game series. Once the technological mystery to freeing Fred is unraveled (by choosing a certain grappler and winning a series of bouts), players can use him, or lock-up collar and elbow against him, in more than 60 different squared-circle matches.

The Walt Disney Company has optioned Tony's Hawk's autobiography Hawk – Occupation: Skateboarder as well as his life rights for a biopic feature. The project aims to be in the vein of a Rocky for youths set against a Fast Times at Ridgemont High backdrop. It will focus on Hawk's life as a teenager during the 1980s, when he was a gawky outcast ridiculed by his peers for his undersized frame and a passion for a sport deemed uncool. Hawk went on to become a pro skateboarder at 14 and remained virtually unmatched in his field until he retired a few years ago at age 32.


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