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Shit! I got my fucking period!

I'm not whoring myself to Ty; I just have to bring this up:

Doesn't he look like a young Thom Yorke? The similarity is uncanny.

One class down, one class to go. I took my Film and TV 106A 90-minute blue book final examination today. I've never written in such sloppy handwriting before. I hate sloppy handwriting. I said last week that I don't like school and I don't think I'll try anymore and I kept my word. How did I do on my 106A final? About as good as a person who never read the textbook and relied solely on self-taught knowledge could do on a four essay test. My philosophy? Aim low. As long as I get a B, I'll be happy. Nowadays, Bs make me content. If I get an A…even better, but hell if I'm gonna actually try for an A – it's too much work.

paper 1 (20%) = A-
paper 2 (20%) = A-
midterm (20%) = A+
final exam (20%) = ?
participation (20%) = ?

I'm-a pass the class. Unless something goes horribly wrong with my participation grade, I'm-a pass. I talk a lot in class. It may be to myself, but talking is like masturbating without the mess. Try it sometime.

What is it with classes and participation grades? It's such a bullshit grade, because students'll just participate for the sake of the grade, despite having nothing worthwhile to say. Moreover, I seriously doubt a teacher will dock the grade of a student who aces every test and paper simply because he or she didn't open their mouth in class. It's psychological torture for shy kids, basically.

In other news, I almost saw The Royal Tenenbaums tonight. Almost. Scheduled to play for free at the James Bridges Theater on campus tonight, I waited for an hour-and-a-half only to be told that the lady who was supposed to bring a print of the movie could not be contacted all day and never showed up. And for this, she's going to hell.

MGM has captured Steve Irwin, fearless star of the Animal Planet series The Crocodile Hunter's Croc Files, for his own feature movie. Crocodile Hunter – Collision Course has begun shooting in and around the northern Australian city of Brisbane. Details of the shoot are being kept tightly under wraps, but the film is said to portray elements of Irwin's unconventional life.

Jord told me to do it. "DO IT," he said. "DOOOOO IT!!!" Well, I did it. I finally bought a game for my Gamecube. What can I say? I'm hooked on Super Smash Bros. Melee. It's an inexplicably fun game.

Because I bought a game, I finally opened the Gamecube box and set up the hardware. However, the Gamecube itself appeared as if it had been tampered with. There were smudges and scratches all over it.

It seems that no matter what I do, I can't help but buy merchandise that appears as if it's been tampered with. I'm cursed. Previously, it was just the DVDs I bought that appeared to have been tampered with. [sigh] Add the Gamecube to the list. This can't possibly be good for my OCD. When I noticed a little scratch on the side of my Office Space DVD case, I proceeded to scratch up the entire case so that that particular scratch could not be seen. I'm tempted to do the same with my Gamecube, but that's a lot of scratching. I dunno… For now, I'll reluctantly let it be.

I talked to Lee (the unofficial third member of Tenacious D, has a song written about him on the D record) today and along with spilling the secrets of how to make a guy in a sasquatch costume realistically shit, he confirmed that on January 19, 2002, Jack Black will host Saturday Night Live with musical guest The Strokes.

Rap groups Wu-Tang Clan and Mobb Deep said on Wednesday they were releasing songs from upcoming albums for use on cell phones before releasing them to stores. The unusual move comes as a result of an agreement between the bands' label, Loud Records, and mobile entertainment company Zingy, which provides thousands of downloadable ringtones. More and more companies and artists are beginning to take note of the growing market for jingles that play on cell phones, which is expected to grow into a multibillion dollar market. The singles "Hey Luv" and "Burn" from Mobb Deep's upcoming album Infamy in stores on December 11 are available now at zingy.com. Before the album is available in stores on December 18, Wu-Tang's ringtones for "(Uzi) Pinky Ring," "Rules" and "Ya'll Been Warned" from the album Iron Flag will be available for free from the Zingy web site.

Great… Now all my classes can be interrupted by Wu-Tang Clan songs! The cell phone jingle has to be the single most annoying generation excess ever invented. I can't sit through a single lecture class without hearing a phone go off and subsequently, a stupid ass jingle. You'd think by now that people would have enough sense to turn off their fuckin' phones in class.

It's always the same scenario:
1 – jingle goes off while teacher lectures
2 – teacher pretends to ignore annoying jingle and lectures through interruption
3 – sound of rustling through backpack permeates classroom (sometimes, rustling noise extended when phone is well-hidden)
4 – owner of phone finds phone, fuckin' LOOKS AT IT, and then turns the ringer off

For my Bay Area brethren, WWF superstar Rob Van Dam will be doing an autograph signing at Pro Star Sports at the Great Mall of the Bay Area in Milpitas on Friday at 6 P.M. For more info you can call 408-945-9400.

Apparently Marilyn Manson can't keep his crotch to himself – for the second time in four months he's been accused of rubbing his crotch on a security guard's head. David M. Diaz of Anoka County, Minnesota, filed a $75,000 civil suit against Manson on Tuesday in a Minneapolis federal court, according to a court spokesperson. Diaz, a security guard working the front barricade at Minneapolis' Orpheum Theatre, said the controversial rocker grabbed his head, held his hips against it and gyrated. The incident allegedly took place October 27, 2000, during the first show of Manson's Guns, God and Government tour. Diaz is claiming battery and emotional distress, ridicule and shame, mental anguish, embarrassment, and humiliation as a result of Manson's actions, the court spokesperson said. Manson is involved in a similar legal tangle stemming from a July Ozzfest stop in Clarkston, Michigan. A security guard there filed criminal charges of felony fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct and misdemeanor assault and battery against Manson in August. The complaint claims Manson spat on the guard's head and then, while clad only in a G-string, rubbed his genital area on the man's head and neck.

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