the persistence of lot 190

"film at 11"

I couldn't resist.

Orange County Wanker County
named after a rich white bankrupt wasteland in southern california named after peg bundy's (married with children) hometown, a poor white trash wasteland
from the team behind tv's freaks and geeks did you see the webcams?
produced in association with mtv films produced in association with the mtv generation
written by mike white written by white kids
the father of the movie head co-wrote the screenplays for star wars: episode vi — return of the jedi and raiders of the lost ark, a movie about indiana jones, a man who hates nazis the father of the site head kinda looks like an ewok and (allegedly) hates communists
soundtrack features new music by the offspring and foo fighters two words: summer jam
a high school guidance counselor accidentally sends in the wrong transcript to a college under the name of an over-achieving high schooler over-achieving high schoolers work on sending in the right transcripts to colleges
cast includes tom hanks' son colin and jack black, a wild and crazy jew who spends a lot of the movie half-naked and steals the show whenever he pops up staff includes the son of a man in the entertainment industry and a wild and crazy jew who spends a lot of time half-naked and steals the show whenever he pops up
one cast member previously played "shallow hal" one of them used to like christina aguilera
features cameos by chevy chase, kevin kline, garry marshall, harold ramis, ben stiller, and lily tomlin features cameos by tony fader, bob may, jeremy royal, and jon wilcox
I've seen both "county" projects and it's a tough call, but I'm-a give it to WC. Most of Orange County's funny moments were shown in the preview and Jack Black playing Jack Black can only do so much. Remember, this time last year, Jack Black playing Jack Black couldn't save that haha funny classic Saving Silverman. Oh and the OC ending sucks ass.



black hawk down
re: mark bowden's true account of an elite team of u.s. delta force soldiers that was shot down and rescued during the 1993 american intervention in somalia
jon says: it's soooooo fuckin' good. jerry bruckheimer and ridley scott basically take the opening sequence in saving private ryan, transport it to africa, and stretch it out to make a full-length movie. i'm talkin' 144 exhausting minutes of reflective testosterone-saturated violence, unrelenting and graphic yet thoughtful at the same time
rory says: josh hartnett is soooooo dreamy…
bonus: there are LOTS of black people in this movie

Lisa: Now I won't be able to get into an Ivy League university!
Homer and Bart: [taunting Lisa] You're going to Stanford… You're going to Stanford…
Hahahahahaha. Gotta love The Simpsons.

Dan "the Automator" and Kid Koala Monday night. Blade II screening Tuesday night. Whoo.