five percent nation

"destroy all monsters"

Lil' Bow Wow, you just don't know… much you make me wanna barf.

Same goes for Lil' Romeo. I got nauseated seeing him show off his HOUSE on Cribs. Not his dad Master P's house, but his own fucking house.

Every St. Patrick's Day, the city of Chicago dyes its river green. Is that wise? I dunno about you, but it disconcerts me when my water supply is green.

I saw Cannibal Ox, Madlib, Merzbow, Sleater-Kinney, The Boredoms, and Aphex Twin on Saturday as part of a festival being staged at school. I missed Wilco because Aphex Twin was performing at the same time and I wanted to see his only west coast appearance this year. What can I say? Dick James brought out the E-tards, who insisted on dancing to his music, even though you can't really dance to krautwerk. One guy created this giant hole in the pit with his interpretive "dancing", bumping into people and rolling around on the floor. At one point, some bystanders couldn't tolerate his "dancing" anymore and started taking turns beating the shit outta this guy when he came near…and he'd just get up after every shellacking and continue "dancing" as if nothing happened. Stupid fucking E-tards.

Science has given us wristbands that self-destruct when removed, but no cure for cancer.

Why can't Duke's Jason Williams be arrested too? Notre dammit! So close. I really like Kent State. Oregon and Arizona scared me, but they survived, unlike Stanford, who choked more spectacularly than they usually do during the NCAA tournament. Armen Keteyian – could a name be any more Armenian?

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