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"negative capability"

Whoo! Finals are over. Almost two weeks of spring break await me. I'm-a pack my bags and head to Mexico. By "pack my bags," I mean "take off my pants," and by "head to Mexico," I mean "watch wrestling DVDs."

I met two-thirds of Spinal Tap Monday night. For an extension class I'm taking, we screened Harry Shearer's movie directorial debut Teddy Bears' Picnic and then had a Q&A session with Shearer, Michael McKean, and George Wendt. Being the hard-hitting journalist that I am, I jumped at the opportunity to put the man behind Mr. Burns' voice on the spot.

Jon: What's it like being one of the privileged few to own a copy of Jerry Lewis' movie The Day the Clown Cried, finished in 1973 and purportedly locked in a vault in Lewis' house ever since?
Harry: Well, I don't own a copy. People have been looking for a copy of the movie forever. It's the Holy Grail of cult movies. I have seen it though. A friend of mine somehow got a hold of a bootleg in England, smuggled it to New York and invited my then girlfriend and I over to his apartment for a private screening. Lewis stars as a clown in a concentration camp. In an attempt to save his own life, he entertains children who are being marched to gas chambers to die. It's remarkable.

Okay. What's this shit I hear about UCLA "stunning" Cincinnati, like we're underdogs or something? Kent State stunned Alabama; UCLA simply maintained the status quo. I dunno if you noticed, but the Bruins have advanced to the Sweet 16 five out of the past six years. Gotta represent again in 2002. I look forward to a UCLA vs. Arizona Pac-10 elite eight match-up just so we can knock off the Wildcats in front of a prime-time EAST COAST audience. Hey, it could happen. Go Kent State!

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