i'm just gonna be a motherfuckin' weirdo

"rock the mic like a fascist"

I don't consider myself "liberal" because sometimes I'm very conservative. Today is one of those times.

I saw Quarashi, Lostprophets and The Apex Theory Wednesday night. You know what else I saw?

Labrets. Lots of labrets in the crowd. These days, I can't seem to go anywhere without seeing people sporting them. Hell, even Christina Aguilera has one now. Is the labret the new soul patch? Because soul patches look retarded and so do labrets. I'm sorry…

To quote Denis Leary: "How do you wake up one morning and go 'you know what I'm-a do today? I'm gonna get a piece of steel shot right through the middle of my lip! Yeah! I'm gonna pay a big fat hairy sweaty tattooed guy to do it to me too! Then, I'll get a piece of steel shot through my cock! Yeah, that'll be fun! Yeah! Then, I'm gonna get a metal rod that sticks outta my ass and makes my underwear stick out even further! Then, I'm gonna get a keychain attached to my balls and always know where my keys and my balls are!'"

[sigh] For the most part, I really don't have a problem with body piercings. I can tolerate people who wanna dig tunnels through their ears or make belly button kabobs or have knockers for their knockers, but there's something about lip piercings in general that just bothers me. Am I alone here?

Does anyone actually find this…

…or this attractive (besides Magneto)?

Apparently, the lead singer of Disturbed felt it necessary to grow fangs for his lower lip.

I have this theory that people with lip piercings had perfect teeth as kids because, as a victim of orthodontic manhandling for a good ten years can attest, metal in your mouth does not feel good. If it did, head gear would be all the rage. Be careful what you wish for.

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