screenwriter blues

"it is 5:00 AM and you are listening to los angeles"

I'm taking an extension class where we watch new movies and then have Q&A sessions with people associated with the particular movies we see. Next week, we're screening Peter Bogdanovich's new movie The Cat's Meow and who's gonna be in the house?

Kirsten Dunst. Rawr.

It won't be the first time that I've been in the same room as her (I was at the Get Over It premiere and the 2001 MTV Movie Awards, which she co-hosted) but this time, my self-esteem is primed for action. Yes, I'm gonna find her, run up to her and ram my tongue down her throat. If not that, then I'm-a ram my face into her chest. Dammit, I'm-a ram something into her by the end of the night. Mary Jane Watson will be mine! Bwahahaha!

"Healthy" Mexican fast food places provide such tiny containers for salsa. Hooray for resourcefulness.

I've come to the conclusion that I was put on this earth to be a writer/performer for the WWF. I'm applying for an internship with the company and praying that it will lead to a job. In other news, while shaving my chest today, I accidentally cut my left nipple.

Tommy Lee has a Starbucks in his house. Really. He contacted the Starbucks company and got permission to set up a Starbucks in his house, replete with official Starbucks equipment and supplies. If I ever become rich drumming for a band whose lead singer looks like Jon Lovitz, I want a Taco Bell in my house.

You never see any Yugos with painted flames on them.

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