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spider-man redux Okay, people. Stop messaging me about how much you loved Spider-Man. I never said I didn't enjoy the movie. I said I was disappointed by what could have been if Sony had spent more time on the screenplay and visual effects. If I hated the movie, I wouldn't have gone back to see it two more times this past weekend.

On Saturday, two beach balls flew around inside the theater as "pre-show entertainment." Stupid management soon confiscated them though.

Before the movie, a commercial for AOL Moviefone starring Johnny Bravo and the Powerpuff Girls aired in which they use an AOL browser to search for showtimes and tickets to The Powerpuff Girls Movie and Scooby-Doo. Of course, AOL Time Warner owns all the aforementioned properties. God bless corporate synergy.

Poor Harry Osborn. Nobody ever tells him anything.

paul On Friday, I saw Spider-Man with my pro-Spider-Man anti-Star Wars friend Paul. Unsurprisingly, he loved the movie and wouldn't stop gushing about it after the screening.


Paul: Spider-Man will be nominated for "best visual effects" next year, but Lord of the Rings will win.

Ouch. That hurts. He went out of his way to push my buttons. When I tried to rebut, he quickly cut me off.

Paul: [yelling] Jonathan Yu, I'm sick and tired of hearing your bullshit! I know more than you think I do!

I gave up.

Jon: Look. You're obviously biased about Spider-Man and I'm biased about Star Wars. Let's just leave it at that.

one minute later

Paul: I saw Life as a House. I wasn't impressed with Hayden Christensen's performance. He can't act.

[sigh] I'm gonna eat it big time if Episode II sucks.

2k3some Jord gave me permission to post on wankercounty all I want, so I'm-a split my time now between this site and that in order to help alleviate their content drought. Plus, I really like using the WC posting program. Makes me feel less Amish.

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