P. Diddy has been accused of discriminating against clowns by the Clowns of America International Convention.

The accusation follows Diddy's recent confession that he suffers from coulrophobia, a mortal fear of clowns. According to reports, the fear is so intense that Diddy has a clause in his contract barring clowns from being anywhere in the vicinity of a venue where he's performing.

Now Diddy's contract has caused outrage among the American fraternity of clowns. Paul Kleinberger of The Clowns of America International Convention has accused Diddy of discriminating against clowns. Kleinberger, who goes under the performance name Fuddi Duddi, told the New York Post: "That would be like me saying I refuse to entertain with a rapper in the audience."

This dread of clowns also prevented Combs from appearing on a celebrity edition of Fear Factor. A therapist deemed Diddy unsuitable for the show after he repeatedly insisted that he couldn't be exposed to his worst fear – clowns.

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