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rivers cuomo on emo "For the most part, emo is worthless. Pinkerton is worthless. And all of it is gonna die. It's bad music. I really think that. It's just not rock."

and now this

in rolling stone Cuomo is deadly serious about unleashing his inner metalhead, which was, in fact, his outer metalhead as a teenager. In high school, he had long hair (like, down to his nipples) and was obsessed with Metallica, Judas Priest, Kiss and Slayer. But when he moved from Storrs, Connecticut, to Los Angeles after graduation, Cuomo got a job at Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard and started listening to bands like the Pixies and Sonic Youth. Suddenly, he says, "metal seemed kind of dumb, so I consciously repressed it. I still feel like I'm trying to work out that conflict and integrate the music I grew up loving with what I think is cool now."

His newest obsession, he says, is goth. He holds up his hands to show off black fingernail polish, silver rings and leather wrist cuffs. "I never noticed goth before," he says. "But then I got really fascinated with this one girl. A music style just gets wrapped up with the vision of the girl, and it overtakes your consciousness."

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