I was in the DVD section of the Virgin Megastore in San Francisco on Wednesday searching for "vital titles" (25% off!) when I happened to peer over the shoulder of a guy dressed in a navy uniform standing in front of a display rack that I wanted to check out. He thought that I was checking HIM out though and looked and smiled at me.

Sailor Man: Have you seen this movie?
Jon: Yeah, I've seen Black Cock, er, I mean…Black Hawk Down before. I-I-It's good.
[Jon runs away]

Last year, I hung out (no pun intended) with Jose in Frisco on Cinco de Mayo. We stopped at a Safeway in the Castro (Bay Area gay mecca) so he could buy orange juice. At checkout, the cashier clerk, an Asian guy with Korean thug hair, had a few choice words for me.

Clerk: So do you have any plans for Cinco de Mayo?
Jon: NO.
[Jon runs away]

Later, Jose informed me that people call that "sticky rice"; that is, when one Asian male hits on another Asian male.

I'm not visiting the city anymore.

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