There's a character in Austin Powers 3 called Fook Yu.


You're so funny, Mike Myers! No wonder your only successful movies involve you playing the same characters over and over!

Jokes like "Fook Yu" are why I'm reluctant to tell people that my middle name, phonetically translated from Mandarin into English, is Dong.

My name is Jonathan Dong Yu.

Go ahead. Say it.

Jon, Yu suck….Dong.


I suppose it could be worse. My first name could be, say, Marshall.

Also, my name has no H in it. Let me clarify:

John means "God is gracious."
Jon means "God's gift."

You hear that, people? I'M GOD'S FUCKING GIFT! I don't need to kiss his ass and call him "gracious" and shit because he personally chose me to bestow upon Earth! ME! The least you can do is show some respect and spell my name correctly! Always with the H…

Do you know how retarded Johnathan looks in print?

I am not a retard. I do not deserve to have my name spelled retardedly. I am not Johnathan, or Jonathon, for that matter. I do not have two Os in my name. I am not a fundraiser. I AM A GIFT SENT FROM HEAVEN ABOVE! My reasons for switching were simple. I wanted a better computing experience than I had with my PC.

My name is Jonathan Yu, and I'm a pediatric gynecologist.

charlize theron, talking about working on location for reindeer games
"Vancouver is very clean and very lovely. You have to use Canadian money there, though. It's very strange."

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