If you watch TV, you've seen the ads that talk about "friends being out together having fun, you're here at home, grounded, because you smoked weed and your parents found out."

What were you doing? Hotboxing your mom's van? If you're dumb enough to let your parents find out that you smoked weed, then you deserve to be grounded. By the way, I bet your friends are all out together having fun…SMOKING WEED.

My mom told me that she found out about adamriff.com (I don't tell my parents anything) from Stephanie Chen's mom after Steph told her mom and her 12-year-old sister to visit the site because…uhhh…it appeals to pre-teen and post-menopausal demographics? I hear they visit quite often too.


Eh. I'll take all the traffic I can get. Everybody, tell your mom(s) and younger siblings to feel my site! Who needs Disney when you have quality entertainment like this:

ben stiller in details magazine
"[My older sister Amy and I] used to play The $10,000 Pyramid From Hell. It would just be all these, like, horrendous clues. The categories would be like, Things you'd say while somebody's raping you. 'Oh, stop it, stop beating me, you're hurting me.' Horrible things like that. We were around show business so much that it became our lives."

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