Brain Fart!

It's 11:45 AM EST on Tuesday September 3. I leave Michigan at 4:35 PM EST today. I am proud to say that after five days in this state eating their native foods, I was finally able to take a shit this morning.

I wanna thank the Wankers, their pasty white friends, their girlfriends, their ridiculously cool parents, their cousins, their cats and dogs and hamsters and ferrets, their cars, their couches, their northern barbarian ways, their incredibly comfortable stuffed panda bears, and God for making this possible.

I leave the state while everybody's in school, so I can't really say goodbye, but I've been around the guys so much this year (well, Jord, at least) that I don't even think it's necessary. I feel like the weird reclusive neighbor who pops up every coupla months to say hello.

December 02 — goin' with the family to Japan
March 03 — goin' to Seattle with Nick for Wrestlemania 19
Summer 03 — ?
Jord still owes me a game of strip tennis… Hehehe.

And with that, I'm out. Peace.

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