one year ago, jon declared war on telcobox

Jon | Rory | Anthony

"I think that devoting your website to nothing but Telcobox trashing has gotten pretty tired."
– Aaron from The Marked Fool

Would you rather drown in mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?


Miracle Whip.

I'm-a have to agree with Anthony on this one. Rory, how can you go anywhere near mayonnaise without gagging?

Hey, I'm supposed to be white, remember?

Right. Sorry, I forgot. Heh. Still… Wouldn't you rather go out…in a TANGY ZIP?

A drowning just isn't a drowning without Miracle Whip.

Have you guys tried Miracle Whip before?

You mean, as a lube?

No. As a condiment.

Oh. As a condiment.


For food.


Yeah, I've tried Miracle Whip before as a lube for my di—I mean, a condiment for my Whi—er, a lube for my condim—FUCK!


You know what? Fuck this. You go to hell in your mayonnaise, Hornblower! I'll be in my room…

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