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A mysterious random girl messaged me earlier this week.

randomgirl: hmmm
wrestlepaloozer: ?
randomgirl: slog 5.5?
wrestlepaloozer: yeah, it's the stupid little oscar game. we had it last year until i killed it prematurely because i needed the grand prize money to buy a plane ticket to arizona on short notice.
randomgirl: ah yes. i remember.
wrestlepaloozer: i dunno if i want to bring it back this year though. i think too many people do oscar pools already. i have another idea to replace it. i think it's pretty cool.
randomgirl: ok.

randomgirl: damn it
wrestlepaloozer: ?
randomgirl: i was gonna ask you to be my valentine
wrestlepaloozer: oh?
wrestlepaloozer: well
wrestlepaloozer: i'm still available…
randomgirl: but what about tony fader
wrestlepaloozer: HAHA
randomgirl: i can't move in on his turf
randomgirl: i'm not that type of girl
wrestlepaloozer: right
wrestlepaloozer: stealing another person's man
wrestlepaloozer: haha

much later…
randomgirl: so i've been thinking, or so it seems, and i think you should go with your alternate idea for your oscar game thing. now i know i'm not your valentine since that position has already been filled (not impressed with mr fader at all) and i really don't know this alternate idea but for what it's worth the new game gets my vote

Plan B it is. Coming soon.

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