Naked and Famous

Last year, I cancelled the Stupid Little Oscar® Game 5 because I needed the jackpot on short notice to go to Arizona. I've thought about it and I don't think I'm gonna resurrect the game this year. For one, I think too many Oscar® pools exist already. Plus, I'll be in Michigan on Oscar® night, so it'd be kinda impractical for me to run a game away from my computer.

However, I've decided to endorse another Oscar® game. The fine cinephiles at ourtinyworld have an Oscar® challenge. Their prize is a DVD of your choice. I figure a good DVD'll cost you about $24.99 or $25. I will throw in an extra $50, bringing the jackpot up to a retail value of $75, or one dollar for every year of Oscar®. (Although, if you ask for a Criterion set, you can probably jack up the retail value even higher. Hehe.)

This offer is only valid if you include the phrase "New England clam chowder" at the bottom of your ballot e-mail. If you win, I'll clear the "secret" phrase with them and if you followed directions, you got yourself a DVD and $50.

Go play, Adam.

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