"See, I could never be a fat guy. I'll tell you why. One simple reason. The first day I wake up and I can't see my dick, I STOP EATING!"
denis leary

Computer-generated girl and boy figures appear with bodies formed of action verbs such as "pass" and "slide." A girl figure jumps off a diving board and swims through water that is full of action words such as "twist," "run" and "jump." A voice-over says: "Everywhere you go, everywhere you look, there are verbs out there just waiting for you to get into." Tagline: "Verb: It's what you do."

Since last summer, I've seen these "verb" commercials on television without a clue as to what, exactly, they're trying to promote.

Grammar? "Noun: The other part of speech." I dunno…

This past Friday, I found out in the Wall Street Journal that these "verb" commercials are part of a $125 million marketing campaign launched by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to combat obesity among children.

I hope the CDC realizes that "eat" and "vegetate" are verbs too.

Poorly-conceived: It's what I think.

Subway commercials are more effective at combating obesity. At least they tell you to "eat fresh."

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