53% of Latinos "prefer shaved meat" at the deli counter.

This week, Nestlé launched a marketing campaign for Kerns Aguas Frescas, a new line of Latino-theme fruit drinks in tamarind, strawberry and horchata — a sweet rice-and-milk flavor — that it will distribute in the Latino-heavy states of California and Arizona.

Usually made of fruit juice, water and sugar, aguas frescas (fresh waters) are common homemade drinks in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Branding its line as "El Autentico Sabor" (the authentic taste), Nestlé is tapping into this custom by offering a ready-made version for busy Hispanic maids moms.

Latinos spend more of their income on food than non-Hispanics — 20% compared to 15% — and they consume three times more fruit nectars than the general market.

For the past five years, Nestlé has aimed almost all the marketing of Kerns brand fruit nectars at Hispanics.

In June last year, Pepsi started test-marketing a new line of guava, mango, strawberry and tamarind juice drinks, Dole Aguas Frescas, in Latino neighborhoods in Chicago. Another Pepsi brand, SoBe Beverages, announced last month the launch of SoBe Fuerte (SoBe Strong), another Latino-inspired beverage in the Hispanic strongholds of Texas, San Diego and South Florida.

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