Colin brought to my attention that in the mid-90s, Marvel Comics and DC Comics joined forces to create a new line of comic books called Amalgam Comics, which featured characters who were combinations of established Marvel and DC characters.

One major Amalgam character is Dark Claw, a combination of Batman and Wolverine. His sidekick is Sparrow, a combination of Robin and Jubilee (how gay is s/he?). His arch-enemy is The Hyena, a combination of The Joker, Sabretooth, Harley Quinn and Lobo. He has a romantic involvement with Catsai, a combination of Catwoman, Elektra and Storm.

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Fuck The Hulk. I want to see a Dark Claw movie! Come on, Hollywood. You got Batman, you got X-Men, you got the best part of Daredevil — it's money in the bank!