I saw Manic Wednesday night. Along with conversations about WWE superstar The Undertaker and a Rage Against the Machine concert, the "manic" teenagers debate in group therapy on who would win in a fight between…Batman and Wolverine. Haha.


A teenage One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, complete with a Native American guy! One of the teenage actors in the movie wrote the screenplay, apparently not having learned anything from the episodes of The Sopranos written by Michael Imperioli. I felt like I was watching a very special episode of an after-school special shot by a cinematographer with Parkinson's Disease. The actor who plays a white teenager who thinks he's black is groanfully unconvincing, and I couldn't help but pause seeing Tommy from 3rd Rock from the Sun mosh to a Deftones song. This movie is definitely below average, although it has a few redeeming edited sequences.

I met Joseph Gordon-Levitt at the screening. Nice guy. He's lost a lot of weight since Angels in the Outfield. I think he looks better with short hair. I never liked the ponytail he had during the middle seasons of 3rd Rock. The only male teenage television hairstyle gayer than that ponytail was Brad Taylor's on Home Improvement when he got that haircut that was long on the top and shaved on the sides and he would tie his hair together and gel it so that it looked like he had a ninja hair sprout on top of his head.

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