The plan was simple. Go see The Animatrix at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood at 9:15 PM and then cross the street to see the opening day midnight screening of The Matrix Reloaded at the Chinese Theatre. The Telcobox people, Jon and I would stand in line all day for The Matrix Reloaded and then my school friends would stand in line for us while we went to see The Animatrix and then both parties would meet up inside the Chinese Theatre for The Matrix Reloaded.

I bought the Animatrix tickets in mid-April, a month in advance.

Then at the beginning of May, the tickets for The Matrix Reloaded went on sale, and I found out that Warner Bros. mandated 10:00 PM day-before-opening-day screenings instead of traditional opening day midnight screenings in theatres across the country, which meant choosing between seeing The Animatrix and The Matrix Reloaded.

We decided to see The Matrix Reloaded. I didn't have a credit card at the time (my father was in the midst of switching cards for me) so I asked a friend of mine who had three credit cards for eight of her many tickets (two extra, just in case) and received them on credit with the intention of paying her back at the screening after collecting the money from my group of people.

Then Mann Theatres added a 1:30 AM opening day screening at the Chinese Theatre, which meant we could go through with our original plan of seeing both The Animatrix and The Matrix Reloaded in the same night. This time, Telcobox Nick charged the tickets to his card.

Then I found out that one of my "plus two," who were gonna stand in line for The Matrix Reloaded during The Animatrix, couldn't attend the 1:30 AM screening because he has class at 9:00 AM on Thursdays, and with him out, his girlfriend was out too.

All this left me with eight tickets for the 10:00 PM screening (on credit, no less) and two tickets for the 1:30 AM screening to get rid of.

I posted a message on this website last week about the situation and someone quickly snapped up the 1:30 AM tickets, even offering to stand in line for The Matrix Reloaded during The Animatrix.

Then Mark requested six 10:00 PM tickets and two other people wanted the other two.

At this point, I was relieved.

Then I realized on Friday that there were only four 10:00 PM tickets on my desk. I hadn't touched any of the tickets since I received them. I honestly don't know what happened to the other four.

Whereas I previously had an excess of tickets, now I didn't have enough tickets to give the people I promised them to, and my friend's expecting $88 for these tickets.

Already $44 in debt for the lost tickets, I reluctantly reneged my promise to the party of six (asshole!) at the advice of my friends and will attempt to scalp the two remaining 10:00 PM tickets for triple their face value outside the Chinese Theatre on Wednesday to recoup my potential loss.


I swear to God, if The Matrix Reloaded sucks, it'll be the icing on my shit luck cake. I'm already frustrated with the movie as is. I've never had this kind of trouble with a summer movie stunt day. Last year, Attack of the Clones day went off without a hitch. Fuck me…

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