They're the world's largest cult band, and Capitol Records is preparing to expand that committed fan base even further.

Radiohead is readying their much-anticipated sixth album, Hail to the Thief (which is "not just" a swipe at Dubya, according to the band), for a June 10 release in the U.S.

Press and marketing initiatives include:

— On-campus snipes/graffiti wall campaign with song lyrics and phone tree info number.
— One song from the album premiered each week during three consecutive episodes of CSI.
— Bolex Brothers (Adventures of Tom Thumb)-directed video for "There There" added to MTV2 Blowtorch rotation, where it'll air every hour on the hour.
— Landmark Theaters to air "There There" video before regular film screenings.
— Rectangular wallet special-edition CD (100k only) folds out like a road map.

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