If you liked Patch Adams
Bruce Almighty

See Jim.
See Jim play God.
See Jim try way too hard to be funny.
See Jennifer.
See Jennifer have an orgasm.
See Jennifer tearfully pray to God in an unintentionally hilarious scene.
See Morgan.
See Morgan fail at comedy.
See Morgan reference Ace Ventura.
See Steve from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
See Steve garner the funniest and only sustained laugh in the movie.
See…another movie. Jesus would.

I was leaning toward an "it was ok…" rating until the third and final act of the movie.

To give you an idea of how painful the third act is, Morgan Freeman (as God) actually says to Jim Carrey: "A teenager who stays away from drugs and works hard in school — that's a miracle!"

I wanted to rip my face off after I heard that.

Oh and did I mention the use of a mute God-fearing bum as a plot device?

Terrible. Horrible. No good. Very bad. Gay.

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